New microbrewery could pave way to revitalization of Sister Lakes

Published 9:52 am Thursday, January 28, 2016

A storm has been brewing near the coast of Round Lake — one that has many in the Sister Lakes area hopping with excitement.

Over the last several months, members of the local Morin family have been working to transform the old hardware store on County Road 690 into the site of their new business, Sister Lakes Brewing Company. Like the name suggests, the brothers Brian, Joe and Dave and their father Jerry are seeking to open a microbrewery right in the heart of the lakeside community, giving the area’s residents and visitors a chance to enjoy a some good, locally crafted beer in a friendly, communal setting.

As the craft beer craze hits communities large and small throughout the U.S., we’re delighted to see that it hasn’t passed through one of our own — and that the venture is being carried out by a group of people who have called Sister Lakes home for many years.

We feel that the opening of Sister Lakes Brewing Company will go a long way toward helping the Sister Lakes area reestablish itself as a destination for residents of the greater Dowagiac area and beyond.

With last year’s closing and subsequent demolition of the venerable Lakes Bowl, which was located just a few blocks away from the Morin’s new business, the Sister Lakes community lost yet another fixture that once gave the area its unique flavor.

While popular establishments like Ramona Roller Rink and Driftwood still remain strong, the addition of Sister Lakes Brewing Company should provide a much needed surge of interest from people who don’t normally frequent the community — especially during the winter, when the resort population are out of town.

And while the family’s passion for good craft beer is evident, what’s even more obvious is their love for Sister Lakes, fueling their desire to build their business right in their own hometown.

And it appears their hometown has embraced the business right back, as the Morin family members said they have frequently received help from volunteers hoping to get the microbrewery up and running as soon as possible.

The owners are looking to open the doors of Sister Lakes Brewing Company by spring.

We wish the Morin family best of luck as they pursue their new venture. We’re hoping to enjoy a round ourselves in the near future.


Opinins expressed are those of the editorial board consisting of Publisher Michael Caldwell and editors Ambrosia Neldon, Craig Haupert, Ted Yoakum and Scott Novak.