Thank goodness for Edwardsburg service club

Published 3:39 pm Thursday, January 21, 2016

Over the last  16 years I have been writing this column each week and from time to time I have mentioned the generosity and kindness of  Edwardsburg residents.

All of this is evidenced by the good works of many of its groups and individuals.

Many are organized groups or clubs with a general purpose of assistance. Others are volunteers that just come together in a time of need. The proof is in the food drives and the distribution of food baskets.

Stuffin’ a Bus has drawn many contributions as have admission to events requiring a food donation. The food bank and God’s Warehouse are available for those in need.

These projects  bring many people together to do all of  the  organization  and planning of the events.

There are no regular organized groups that do the benefits. They are organized by friends of the person in need. Many people come together and are involved in the success of these endeavors.

Organization of  events don’t just happen by themselves. There are many volunteers behind the scenes who do the planning and organization of the collections and direct  distribution of food and gifts. This past holiday was witness to many good  works of giving.

Now comes the real reason for this week’s column.

I didn’t want to single out any particular organization or group but I do so today. Having been on the contributing end of many events I never thought my husband and I would be on the receiving end.

My husband broke his leg last week slipping on the snow and  ice. He will not be able to walk on his leg for three or more months. Trying to figure out how to get him in and out of the house requires a ramp.

When my family contacted  Edwardsburg Lion Club member Jerry Tavenier, he came right over and viewed the situation and said he would see what he could do. That evening he called and said they had done the measurements that evening and they would come at 10 o’clock the next morning with a crew to put up a ramp.

They came the next morning and the ramp was up by noon. This is no short structure over the steps. It had to go across our front yard to our driveway. I too find the usefulness of the ramp.

There is no way that we can thank the Lions Club for their generosity. The six or eight men who came and worked in the snow are to be commended. It is a service the Lions Club has provided for many years along with other good works, the blood bank, eyeglasses  and leader dogs for handicapped. The Lions Club has provided ramps for many residents. They have it down to a well-oiled machine.

We are so fortunate it to have such a hard working group in Edwardsburg. Remember them when the circus comes to town or the Christmas tree sale comes again next year or their other fundraising events. The money raised is used here in our own community. You never know when you might need their help.

Thank you for such a great place to live and the people who live here. We are very lucky.


Jo-Ann Boepple works at the Edwardsburg Area History Museum.