Rodts wins Thanksgiving Day Run 5K

Published 10:49 am Monday, November 30, 2015

More than 1,900 runners participated Thursday. Maddie Rodts (1652) won the 5K, while Nickolas Arndt won the 10K races. (Leader photos/AMELIO RODRIGUEZ)

More than 1,900 runners participated Thursday. Maddie Rodts (1652) won the 5K, while Nickolas Arndt won the 10K races. (Leader photos/AMELIO RODRIGUEZ)

Former Niles and Grand Valley State University cross country standout Maddie Rodts missed the start of the 10K Thursday morning.

But Rodts did not let that bother her as she switched to the 5K at the Niles-Buchanan YMCA Thanksgiving Day Run.

After shaking off the fact that she missed the race she originally planned to run, Rodts bested the field by just under a minute.

Rodts won the 5K run with a time of 18:32. Michaela Lewis of South Bend finished second with a 19:22.

“I made the start of the 5K and felt pretty good,” Rodts said. “Last year I couldn’t compete on the new course because I was at the cross country nationals. I like it. It is less hilly that if for sure.”

Rodts said that she nice to win at home and she was a bit nervous heading into the race.

“I really haven’t trained since my marathon last summer,” she said. “I just kind of been running here and there.”

Chris White of Elkhart, Indiana won the men’s 5K with a time of 16:17. Billy Holbert of Mishawaka was second with a 16:19.

In the 10K races, Sara Vergote of Columbus, Ohio was the winner with a time of 38:22. Samantha Wassell of Bargersville, Indiana was second with a 39:27.

Nickolas Arndt of New Carlisle, Indiana ran a time of 33:31 to win the 10K. Nick Whise of St. Joseph finished second with a time of 33:47.



At Niles

5K Run

Female Top 10

1. Maddie Rodts (Niles) 18:32, 2. Michaela Lewis (South Bend) 19:22, 3. Samantha Wassel (Bargersville, Indiana) 19:52, 4. Colleen Dabler (Osceola, Indiana) 20:13, 5. Emily Davis (Mattawan) 20:20, 6. Sarah Hamilton (Granger) 20:23; 7. Kyra Young (Mishawaka) 20:31, 8. Rachel Saylor (New Carlisle, Indiana) 20:31, 9. Kristina Parrish (Valparaiso, Indiana) 20:42, 10. Kaitlyn Murray (Niles) 20:45


Male Top 10

1. Chris White (Elkhart) 16:17, 2. Billy Holbert (Mishawaka) 16:19, 3. Nathan Blosser (Mason) 16:33, 4. Brad Wurzel (Berrien Center) 16:51, 5. Nicholas Scheel (Granger) 17:01, 6. Jorge Siera-Hermida 17:05, 7. Mike McCarthy (South Bend) 17:12, 8. Josh Townsley (Niles) 17:22, 9. Collin Babcock (New Carlisle) 17:31, 10. John Arndt (New Carlisle) 17:34


10K Run

Female Top 10

1. Sara Vergote (Columbus, Ohio) 38:22, 2. Samantha Wassel (Bargersville) 39:27, 3. Rebecca Mason (Columbus, Ohio) 40:05, 4. Laura Aykroyd (Carmel, Indiana) 41:17, 5. Colleen Huml (Wheaton, Illinois) 41:42, 6. Colleen Dabler (Osceola) 41:49, 7. Shelli Meulemans 42:24, 8. Patricia Murray (Redford) 42:25, 9. Katherine Manion (South Bend) 43:18, Andrea Groote (Niles) 43:20


Male Top 10

1. Nickolas Arndt (New Carlisle) 33:31, 2. Nick Whise (St. Joseph) 33:47, 3. John Arndt (New Carlisle) 36:13, 4. Luke Sullivan (South Bend) 36:42, 5. Collin Babcock (New Carlisle) 37:00, 6. Brian Sharda (Grand Rapids) 37:40, 7. Kyle Morrison (Holland) 37:47, 8. Ed McCoum (South Bend) 38:07, 9. Paul Meulemans (Berrien Springs) 38:09, 10. James Harrell (Niles) 38:32