Signs don’t vote, people do

Published 9:31 am Thursday, October 29, 2015

When it comes to political issues, everybody seems to have an opinion.  Undoubtedly, you’ve heard people talking about their feelings on an upcoming ballot issue or political candidate. Perhaps you’ve participated in these discussions.  Even if you haven’t verbalized how you feel, you probably have an opinion about it.  Whether or not you seem to hold with the majority or go against it, your opinion won’t make a difference unless you vote.

If you see a lot of yard signs or political ads encouraging voting one way or another, do you think to yourself, “It’s for sure going to pass. I don’t need to vote?”  Or do you maybe say, “So many people are voting. There’s no way my vote will matter?”

Well, think again.  Your voice is critical to determining a fair outcome.

Instead of talking yourself out of voting, tell yourself that when you vote, you:

• Make a difference in your community.

• Impact your future.

• Let your voice be heard.

• Become an example for your children and neighbors.

• Contribute to society.

• Exercise your rights as a citizen.

Remember that signs don’t vote – people do. And every vote matters.

Your vote counts.

Visit to find out if you are registered, view the Nov. 3 ballot, and more.


Paul Hartsig is the superintendent at Dowagiac Union Schools. He can be reached by phone at (269) 782-4402, or by email at