October Starfish Story: Thank you, custodians

Published 6:17 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

In this month’s starfish story, I would like to highlight our custodial and maintenance staff.

Building wide, our custodial staff and maintenance staff works tirelessly, fixing, repairing, cleaning and helping however they can. This is done, day in and day out, with smiles on their faces and a willingness to help however they can!

Recently, the custodial staff at the high school adopted a student to help maintain the building as well!  This student has been ecstatic to help with the endeavors of keeping the building clean and picked up throughout the afternoon.

The opportunity for this young man has been fantastic; his daily demeanor is cheerful due to a feeling of fulfillment.  The schools are not only welcoming to the community but became a community within themselves, taking care of all who are in attendance.

The maintenance staff does a great job keeping our historical high school building in working order, which can be a tall order at times. A time that I could not have been more appreciative was during a fire drill — the alarm was pulled and the building evacuated like clockwork until the alarm would NOT shut off.  Low and behold a member of the maintenance staff appeared and resolved the issue.

Thank you to the entire custodial and maintenance staff for a wonderful job. I appreciate working with all you every day. Without all of you, the school is not the same.


Mike Churchill

Assistant Principal

Union High School