Remembering the lives of 9/11 heroes, victims

Published 9:38 am Thursday, September 10, 2015

On Sept. 11, 2001, we saw one of the greatest losses of life in our history yet out of the sadness, smoke and ash arose a renewed patriotic spirit.

While the tragedy of that day will forever be etched in our minds, it will also forever be a day that unites us as Americans.

I believe that it is a testament to our nation’s resolve that when our liberty is attacked like it was on 9/11, we come together to meet that challenge.

America is the home of the free and a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world. While 9/11 illustrates that freedom isn’t free, it also reminds us that our great country and way of life are worth defending.

I encourage all Southwest Michigan families to join me as we remember those we lost at Ground Zero, at the Pentagon and in the fields of Pennsylvania.

I will be attending two ceremonies on Sept. 11 this year. I will be speaking at the 9/11 Resiliency Plaza Dedication and Service in Benton Harbor and participating in the Remembrance of 9/11 Commemoration Service at the Buchanan Common.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families of the brave men and women who became modern-day heroes due to their extraordinary courage. We will always remember the selflessness of the United 93 passengers who sacrificed themselves to prevent further tragedy, and the fearless first responders who ran into the twin towers to save lives — often at the cost of their own.

Out of tragedy we are reminded of blessings that God has bestowed on our nation. I urge that we look forward with optimism, knowing that if we each do our part, our country and the world will be a better place.

To our firefighters, police officers and brave soldiers who protect our communities and nation every day, I commend you all for your courage, dedication and service and give you each my deepest heartfelt appreciation.


Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, represents Southwest Michigan.