Ask Trooper Rob: Do you need a license to drive a moped?

Published 9:45 am Thursday, June 11, 2015

“I have seen a few of students riding a moped the last few days of school. I don’t think they were wearing helmets. Do they need a license to ride to school?”

— Anonymous

A moped is defined as a “2- or 3-wheeled vehicle which is equipped with a motor that does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement, produces 2.0 brake horsepower or less, and cannot propel the vehicle at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour on a level surface. The power drive system shall not require the operator to shift gears.”

MVC 257.312a2-3, regarding licensing states “(2) A person, before operating a moped upon a highway shall procure a special restricted license to operate a moped unless the person has a valid operator’s or chauffeur’s license. A special restricted license to operate a moped may be issued to a person 15 years of age or older if the person satisfies the secretary of state that he is competent to operate a moped with safety. The secretary of state shall not require a road test before issuance of a special restricted license to operate a moped. (3) A special restricted license to operate a moped shall expire on the birthday of the person to whom it is issued in the fourth year following the date of issuance. A license shall not be issued for a period longer than 4 years.”

Furthermore, a parent or guardian must sign for the license if the moped driver is under 18 years of age. You must wear a helmet if you drive on a public road and are under 19, you shall not carry passengers, even if the moped has a passenger seat.

Continuing with the Summer of Safety campaign, off-road vehicle safety will be discussed, specifically all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s).

• A child 9 years old and younger shall not operate an ATV

• A child 10-11 years old may operate on private property only and under direct supervision

• A child 12-15 years old of age who possess an ATV or ORV safety certificate does not need to be under direct visual adult supervision.

• A child under 12 years old may not cross a road or operate on the right of way.

• A child 12-15 years old may cross a highway or street or operate on the right of way or shoulder of designated access routes if the operator has a valid ORV safety certificate in immediate possession

• Per MVC 257.658b, a crash helmet is required

Whatever type of conveyance you use for your summer enjoyment, whether it is a bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, or ORV, “Take Safety Along For The Ride.”


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