Remember America’s heroes all year long

Published 9:39 am Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Despite less than ideal weather, hundreds of people in southwest Michigan lined downtown streets in Niles and Dowagiac Monday to show their support for our nation’s fallen heroes.

This heart-warming demonstration of patriotism speaks volumes of the people of our communities, and it was truly inspiring to see all the red, white and blue lining our streets. For one day of the year, Americans take the time out of their busy schedules to remember the fallen heroes who have made this country what it is today, and it is so important to teach our children the significance of this celebration.

For one day, Americans stop to remember their heritage, celebrating the lives of those who died so we could live free. They hang wreaths on graves, decorate their homes and storefronts in red, white and blue, take moments of silence, lower flags to half mast and say a prayer for those who have suffered these losses.

And that’s great.

This year, though, we challenge Americans to carry these acts patriotism not just for one day of the year, but the other 364 as well. Instead of isolating these demonstrations of loyalty to holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, carve some time out of your busy schedules to remember these heroes and their loved ones.

Spend a rainy day teaching your children about the battles these soldiers fought, and how that impacts us today. Take a trip to a war memorial or a veterans’ facility and thank those still with us for risking their lives to protect us. Make an annual commitment to donate to your local American Legion or VFW. Add these people to your daily prayers.

Remember them not just one day, but all year long — because they deserve it.


Opinions expressed are those of the editorial board consisting of Publisher Michael Caldwell and editors Ambrosia Neldon, Craig Haupert, Ted Yoakum and Scott Novak.