Q&A: Caleb Zimmerman

Published 10:04 am Monday, May 18, 2015

Caleb Zimmerman is a senior on the Dowagiac track team.


Caleb Zimmerman

Caleb Zimmerman

What has been one of your greatestaccomplishments as an athlete?

CZ: Acquiring a leadership role.


What has been one of your biggestdisappointments as an athlete?

CZ: Suffering a shoulder injury that made it harder to compete.


What has been a hardship in your life?

CZ: My parents separating when I was young.


Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

CZ: My father because he has been my biggest supporter even when I gave up on myself.


When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

CZ: Right before a race at an invitational.


Describe an embarrassing athletic moment.

CZ: I cannot think of one.


How do you tend to workout/train when by yourself?

CZ: I do not train by myself.


What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours?

CZ: There is no other spring sport that I could enjoy like track.


Who would you say is your “biggest fan?” Why?

CZ: My father because he made the biggest effort to be at every track meet. He is always supportive.


How would you give away $50,000?

CZ: I would give half to my parents and half to my church.


If you could be the head coach of a team for a year, what team would you choose?

CZ: Dowagiac track.


If I did not play sports, I would…?

CZ: Work and probably study more for school.


What is the most challenging thing for you to do in your sport?

CZ: Keeping great form while not falling from hitting a hurdle.


If you could change one rule about your sport, what would it be?

CZ: The temperature. I think there should be a point where it is too cold to compete.


What is the best compliment you have ever received?

CZ: I was complimented on my progression in speed and agility over the last few years.


What was the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it?

CZ: Driving in the snow for the first time. Now I think it is fun.


What was the last thing you saw someone do that really impressed you?

CZ: I saw Leroy Lewis get 6-foot-2 in the high jump and I know I could never do that.


What is your favorite hobby? Why?

CZ: Reading. It is your own movie in your head, but with your own perspective and imagination.


Choose one word to describe yourself:

CZ: Teachable.