Brandywine dominates BCS Tennis Tournament

Published 2:01 pm Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Brandywine tennis team dominated its BCS Athletic Conference foes this season and the Bobcats continued that at the league tournament at Plym Park Saturday.

Brandywine, which went undefeated in conference matches, scored 48 points to easily win the tournament championship.

Bridgman finished a distant second with 33 points, while Lake Michigan Catholic was third with 27 points and Buchanan fourth with 22 points.

The conference tournament started May 9, but was postponed due to rain.

The Bobcats captured all eight flights championships, which consisted of 10 game pro sets.

The win was the seventh league championship for Brandywine in the past 10 years.

“Just a great job by all eight flights, especially Katie and Krystal, who did not lose a game al day,” Brandywine coach Joe Marazita said. “Our play from winning regionals carried over to today as we never let up.”

Brandywine’s Abbey Cole was named the league’s Most Valuable Player. Andrea Tomaszewski of Lake Michigan Catholic was named Coach of the Year.



At Plym Park

Team Scores

Brandywine 48, Bridgman 33, Lake Michigan Catholic 27, Buchanan 22, Bronson 18, New Buffalo 14


Championship Round


1. Abbey Cole (Brandywine) d. Becca Stemm (Bridgman), 8-3; 2. Eishaa Rehman (Brandywine) d. Quiana Lomax (New Buffalo), 8-2; 3. Shaylee Smith (Brandywine) d. Abby Steffie (Bridgman), 8-4; 4. Emily Erwin (Brandywine) d. Camille Bauer (Bridgman), 8-2



1. Rachael Szilagyi-Alyssa Bolen (Brandywine) d. Sarah LaSate-Ellen Peters (LMC), 8-4; 2. Katie Rose-Krystal Bunch (Brandywine) d. Liz Graves-Morgan Dobbins (Bridgman), 8-0; 3. Olivia DePriest-Liz Hartz (Brandywine) d. Celeste Golland-Kennedy Melton (Bridgman), 8-1; 4. Hanna Martin-Shelby Fortuna (Brandywine) d. Adeline Peters-Lauren Osborn (LMC), 8-4


Regular Season Standings

Brandwine 5-1

Lake Michigan Catholic 4-1

Bridgman 3-2

Buchanan 1-3-1

Bronson 1-3-1

New Buffalo 0-5


Final Standings

1. Brandywine

2. Bridgman

3. Lake Michigan Catholic

4. Buchanan

5. Bronson

6. New Buffalo