Support the bond and support our students

Published 9:54 am Thursday, April 30, 2015

I have four signs in my yard supporting the local bond issue.

Having done flooring work or volunteer projects in every one of the NCS buildings at some point over the last 25 years, I’ve seen things that show a need for many improvements. Having known and had a friendship and working relationship with every director of maintenance other than the most recent hire gave me a little insight to weigh in here. Having had two kids attend K-graduation and one still in school probably counts too eh?

Firms like the one handling things on the bond do one thing. They manage and sell construction work. They leverage everything at their disposal to do so as well. Outdated buildings and underfunded maintenance programs as well as public fear make excellent fodder to help them in their work. The media’s ability to bring word of every lunatic’s nefarious action to most everyone almost instantaneously makes the term “security” an easy sell. A locked door with a video monitor and a competent person watching it goes a long ways there.

The shame is we are haunted by grandiose proposals and unrealistic expectations in the past that have tainted many folks views of the NCS and our local people’s skills and talents.

I have heard nothing but great things of our incoming superintendent from people who know him and have worked with him in the past. The kind of folks you’ve known for years and respect deeply.

In a perfect world much of the money spent paid by local folks in taxes would stay local with companies inside our area. We would have students that would, with guidance, plan, design, build and install things like cabinetry; flooring and such. Despite what we are led to believe we will always need folks with those kind of skills. You can buy most anything on E-bay but you still have to know how to utilize your purchase.

Hopefully we can pass the bond and get some things fixed up and give the new guy something he doesn’t have to spend so much time dealing with as putting band aids on broken arms; so to speak; has taken away too much time that should be spent focusing on preparing our kids for their future. Figuring out ways to fund and sustain quality buildings in the future without farming out projects that local companies that sponsor ball teams; etc. could be doing to support our community with our money.

Call it “tuition” if you will but it’s time to pay it and from what I’ve heard and seen of the new superintendent it will be a wise investment in our future.


Dave Fisher