It’s not too late to help our children

Published 8:01 am Thursday, April 23, 2015

Does it bother anyone that we are absolutely dead last in a comparison of 20 neighboring school districts?

The study did not compare athletic championships; it assessed our student safety and security, our technology, infrastructure, and healthy learning environments for every learner in every school. We should never settle for dead last; our children are too valuable. They are the future for all of us.

If this bond issue fails and structures continue to crumble, funding for upgrades will come from our academic programs. We can’t let that happen!

Right now we have a choice. As a retired teacher explained to me, for the cost of a fancy cup of coffee a week we can solve this problem. Academic programs that are so necessary for future careers can remain untouched while our aging facilities are brought up to code.

Some people say that Abe Lincoln did okay for himself with just a shovel for his slate and a piece of coal for a pencil. I think that great president would be just as confounded as I am with our modern technology. I’m just coming to grips with plastic. When a cashier says, “Paper or plastic?” to me I just mutter, “Either one, I’m asackual.” There is a man living in my hearing aid who tells me when my battery has four minutes left! I’m too old for all this but it’s not too late for our children.

Give them a ladder to reach the next levels of knowledge; keep them safe while they are climbing. It’s not complicated. Simply vote “yes, yes” on Proposals I and II on May 5, 2015.


Marlynn Lindenfeld