Be prepared for power outages

Published 9:06 am Thursday, October 2, 2014

October brings a new theme for Do 1 Thing. This month we will be focusing on power. Our goal is to be able to safely meet our basic needs during an electrical outage.

We count on electricity for heat, food and medical needs. Many gas appliances even need electricity to run. A power outage is an emergency that often follows another emergency, like a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm. That makes it even more important to be prepared in advance.


Road Statistics

It’s time for some sad and scary stats from the Michigan State Police.

During the recent Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, which ran from August 15 to through the Labor Day weekend, troopers and officers from the MSP and 150 other local police departments stopped almost 15,000 vehicles while on patrol. Police issued about 4,500 seatbelt and child restraint citations and arrested 169 persons for drunken driving. Of those arrests, 37 had a Blood Alcohol Content of .17 or higher.

According to our statistics one driver was arrested in Genesee County registered a staggering .34 BAC, which is more than four times the legal limit of .08. This driver had a restricted license and two previous drunken driving incidents. In Muskegon County a driver and passenger were stopped for smoking marijuana with a 7-month-old child in the car.

During the three week crackdown, police issued 1,192 citations for speeding, 550 for driving with a suspended license, and 877 tickets to uninsured motorists.

Police also arrested 243 fugitives and made 277 other misdemeanor arrests. One traffic stop in Wexford County resulted in the arrests of three fugitives.



Michigan has rolled out an early warning system for students to report violence. The OK2SAY program has been introduced throughout the state recently with Attorney General Bill Schuette making announcements.

OK2SAY is an early warning system that rolled out September 2 when school started. It’s used to report potential harm to other students, teachers, staff or other school employees. The system is manned 24/7 by Michigan State Police staff.

Tips can be submitted by phone, email, text, app, or via the web:

• Call: 8-555-OK2SAY (8-555-652729)

• Text: 652729 (OK2SAY). All carriers permit you to text OK2SAY, but some do not allow attachments. Visit the website for that.

• Email: OK2SAY@MI.GOV

• Mobile app: Android app on Google play and available on the app store.

• Web: Online tip form

MSP Inspector Matt Bolger said students are already reporting drug activity, bullying and cyber-bullying and threats of suicide. He said upon receipt of a tip, operators will forward the information to the appropriate responding agency or organization.


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