Starfish Story: Sister Lakes Principal thanks donor for support

Published 7:19 pm Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I would like to introduce Henry Burton.

Henry Burton

Henry Burton

He is a retired veteran who has served a total of seven years, including a tour in Vietnam. After his years of service, he worked for the Union Pacific Railroad for 33 years.

He retired in 2008 in order to care for his three grandchildren, who attend Dowagiac Union Schools. He has been their legal guardian since 2002.

Burton is a very special person who cares about his grandchildren a great deal, and always makes sure their needs are met. He always attends every school event, even when not feeling well. He always has a smile, a story or kind words to share with everyone.

Burton also believes in making sure the needs of other children at Sister Lakes School are met. We have set up an account at Sister Lakes Elementary called the “Henry Burton” fund. It consists of all the contributions Burton has made to our school.

He makes monthly donations, stating that he wants to make sure coats and boots are purchased for anyone needing them. He also has donated food trays to the classes and staff at Sister Lakes many times.

His many acts of kindness have been appreciated, and many students have benefited from his donations. He just wants to make sure they are being taken care of just like they were his own.

Thank you, Henry, for all you do for the children at Sister Lakes School. You truly care and are an amazing person.


Mike Campbell


Sister Lakes Elementary