Lee Memorial Foundation kicks off two-year capital campaign

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An illustration of a proposed new lobby at Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital. (Submitted photo)

An illustration of a proposed new lobby at Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital. (Submitted photo)

Maintaining high-quality care for Cass County residents, aided by technologically advanced diagnostics and treatment options, is the focus of a $1 million fundraising campaign being launched this year by the Lee Memorial Foundation.

“It’s a two-year capital campaign under the theme, ‘It’s About the Place We Call Home,’” said Karen Judd, the chairwoman of the Lee Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees. “The $1 million campaign will consist of $500,000 to be raised from donations coordinated through the Lee Memorial Foundation. The other $500,000 will be a matching gift from Borgess Health. Our goal is to ensure that Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital remains the destination of healing for the residents of Cass County.”

The capital campaign will seek community support to purchase new medical beds and state-of-the-art surgical instruments for Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital. The campaign also will fund interior and exterior renovations at the hospital, including a redesign of the main outpatient entrance and registration area, along with new flooring, ceilings, lighting and wall treatments on the hospital’s main floor. In addition, funding will support new décor and enhancements to the 2 North nursing unit, which originally was constructed in the late 1970s.

“Borgess-Lee has served our community well for generations,” said John Ryder, chief operating officer, Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital. “We want to enhance the overall medical experience for our patients. The renovations and new equipment will go a long way toward maintaining our reputation of providing holistic, spiritually centered care.”

Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital has been the community hospital for Cass County residents since 1918.

“Borgess-Lee is a precious asset that serves many of the county’s medical needs,” said Mayor Don Lyons, the Lee Memorial Foundation Capital Campaign chairman. “The campaign underscores the importance of this place we call home. We hope our citizens will respond positively to the call for action.”

For information or to inquire about supporting the Lee Memorial Foundation Capital Campaign, visit BorgessLee.com or contact the Lee Memorial Foundation, at 269-783-3026.