Walgreens joins effort to save infants’ lives

Published 6:28 pm Thursday, January 9, 2014

Helping more babies live to see their first birthdays and beyond is Walgreens’ goal as it partners with Tomorrow’s Child on a public education effort.

During the month of January, customers can purchase “pin-ups” in the nearly 230 Michigan Walgreens stores, with all proceeds going to safe sleep educational outreach efforts and support for families affected by infant deaths.

“The lack of progress in Michigan’s infant mortality rate since 2003 suggests too many families and caregivers are still unaware of the safest ways for babies to sleep,” said Sarah Scranton, CEO of Tomorrow’s Child.  “We’ve been working closely with Walgreens and are grateful for its support of our work to spread the message of safe sleep.”

Parents and caregivers should follow safe sleep guidelines to save infant lives.  Babies should always be placed on their backs, alone in their crib without soft bedding, blankets or toys and in a well-ventilated room at a comfortable temperature.

“Save babies’ lives through safe sleep” is the message on both the $1 and $5 pin-ups that are available for purchase.

Founded in 1994, Tomorrow’s Child of Michigan is in its 20th year of supporting parents and families coping with the loss of an infant and working to prevent future infant deaths.