Thanks for being honest

Published 11:58 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I felt the need to send an upbeat message because of all the negative reporting that exists in our world today. I attended the Cass County Fair in Cassopolis to watch my grandchildren show their animals.
On Monday night I lost my purse with about $25 in it, along with various items. I had no identification in it and nothing that I couldn’t live without. After searching for it and then thinking it was gone forever I decided on Thursday to ask at lost and found in the fair office.
Someone had turned it in and had not left their name. I thought the money would be long gone, but everything was there. What a shock!
The lady at the office said they had several items turned in during the week.
I would like to thank the person or persons that turned in my purse — not because it was so valuable, but because it was refreshing to be reminded of the honest, caring neighbors all around us.

Looking for the positive,

Doris Hoyt