SMC Board of Trustees thaw freeze with raises

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southwestern Michigan College trustees Monday night approved the 2011-2012 faculty salary schedule and an average 2-percent increase for administrative and hourly employee salaries, with an additional 1 percent authorized to be applied to structurally underfunded positions.

According to Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Fred L. Mathews, “SMC has frozen wages three separate times since Michigan’s economic downturn began. “While past freezes were necessary, another such freeze could hinder the college’s ability to recruit and retain the very highest quality faculty and staff.

“Significant restructuring for efficiency and cost-cutting have been strategically undertaken by the college. Increased tuition revenue due to record enrollment growth has, combined with these cost reductions, enabled SMC to continue to invest in what is the college’s greatest asset to advance student success — its faculty and staff.”