Scott Novak: The BCS still stinks

Published 6:48 pm Thursday, January 13, 2011

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I checked out the remarks of BCS (Bowl Crap Series) executive director Bill Hancock to the Football Writers Association of America today defending the entire concept.

I certainly hope he didn’t break his arm patting himself on the back for ‘getting it right.’ I am not sure what he thinks they got right when perhaps the best team in America will once again go without a chance to prove it.

Now a playoff may or may not be the best thing for college football, but a game pitting the winner of Monday night’s BCS Championship Game against undefeated TCU sure would be.

Toward the end of his remarks, well down the page, I read how TCU played in the Rose Bowl “SOLELY BECAUSE OF THE BCS.”

Wow, I thought they earned it. Apparently the BCS just threw the Horned Frogs a bone and they only got to go to Pasadena because the BCS felt sorry for them.

Actually, I get what he was saying. He meant that if it wasn’t for the BCS the Rose Bowl would still be played between the PAC 10 and the Big Ten.

But that is exactly what is wrong with this system. The “haves” think that just because they allow a non-BCS conference school to play in their championship series, everything is OK with college football.

Well it’s not and until every school, no matter how small or how much MONEY they bring to the table has a chance to compete for a national championship, then everything is NOT right with college football.

Hancock and the rest of the BCS bunch seem to think that it is alright for the likes of TCU and Boise State to be left on the outside looking in.

They like to stick out their chests and shout from the top of the mountain that the likes of those schools are fortunate to be able to compete in their series. They say things like “…Kansas State students were able to visit New York City. Many for the first time and some probably for the only time. Maybe some of us take trips to Times Square for granted, and Yankee Stadium for granted, and we are wrong to do that. The BCS got it right because those students had the experience of a lifetime — only because of a bowl game.”

I can’t believe the arrogance of Hancock and those associated with the BCS. Come on, do you really believe that Kansas State students would never go to New York City or Times Square unless you gave them that right?

It’s shameful that the college football bowl system is so beholding to the BCS. They like to think they are helping college football, but I wonder if those non-BCS bowls feel that way.

After all, some of those bowls used to attact the biggest names in college football. Now they have to wait for the BCS leftovers to come play in their cities.

The BCS will never be right and there are plenty of people who feel that way. Unfortunately for the likes of TCU and us, the NCAA doesn’t see it that way.

Scott Novak is sports editor of Leader Publications. He can be reached at