Bobcats slip past Comets

Published 9:49 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brandywine’s Alex Humphreys earns a pin against Coloma Wednesday night as the Bobcats edged the Comets 41-40. (Daily Star photo/RON HARNER)

EDWARDSBURG — Visiting Brandywine was able to escape the opening round of the Lakeland Conference quad at Edwardsburg High School Wednesday night with a 41-40 victory over Coloma.

The Bobcats were the benificiaries of a pair of forfeits at 215 and 285 pounds that would prove to be the difference in the match.

William Lewis and Bryan Lee accepted those voids by the Comets to help the Bobcats to victory.

Also picking up victories Wednesday night against Coloma were Jimmie Wright (119), Brandon Earles (125), Arthur Miller (130), Chanc Ravish (140) and Alex Humphrey (152).

In the night’s biggest match, league heavyweights Buchanan and Edwardsburg square off with the Bucks coming out the winner over the Eddies 37-22.

In the second round, the Bobcats were defeated by the host Eddies 57-21.

Earning wins for Brandywine were William Newton, Wright, Ravish and Bryan Lee.



103: D. Kiser-Little (C) d. Jacob Juhasz, 14-4

112: A.J. Tyler (C) p. William Newton, :28

119: Jimmie Wright (BW) d. Ty Hess, 19-2

125: Brandon Earles (BW) p. J. Collins, 2:42

130: Arthur Morris (BW) p. S. Butler, 1:53

135: K. Ezell (C) p. Nick Wright, 3:02

140: Chanc Ravish (BW) p. M. Thomas, 1:17

145: R. Navarro (C) p. Nathan Anders , :59

152: Alex Humphrey (BW) p. J. Harvey, 3:31

160: M. Murray (C) p. Trevor Jones, 3:47

171: M. Taylor (C) p. M. Lewash, 1:59

189: L. Hettig (C) p. Kevin Fletcher, :53

215: William Lewis (BW) wins by forfeit

285: Bryan Lee (BW) wins by forfeit



103: John Johnson (B) d. Dylan Dixon, 10-2

112: Taylor Glavin (B) d. Michael Borden, 4-0

119: Brett Bowman (E) d. River Kelley, 9-1

125: Alex Eger (B) p. Jesse Burke, 5:45

130: Michael Kempton (E) d. Patrick Wheetly, 9-8

135: Alex Darmas (B) p. T.J. Vanderheyden, 2:26

140: Jeff Mucha (B) d. Lane Smous, 4-2

145: Ryan Loupee (E) p. Jon Lee, 5:46

152: Lee Williamson (E) d. T.J. Miller, 4-2

160: John Kuntz (B) p. Justin Steinke, 2:18

171: Gage Hutchinson (B) p. Austin Payne, 2:31

189: Col Hunsberger (E) d. Brady Mulbey, 9-7

215: Stephen Coble (E) d. Mack Green, 3-2

285: Dustin Craig (B) d. Seth Barnett, 7-1



103: Dylan Dixon (E) p. Jacob Juhasz, 5:51

112: William Newton (BW) won by injury default

119: Jimmy Wright (BW) p. Brett Bowman, :49

125: Jesse Burke (E) d. Brandon Earles, 4-1

130: Michael Kempton (E) p. Arthur Morris, 1:12

135: Michael Hunsberger (E) p. Nick Wright, 4:45

140: Chance Ravish (BW) d. Lane Smous, 8-6 (OT)

145: Ryan Loupee (E) p. Nathan Anders, :34

152: Lee Williamson (E) p. Alex Humphrey, 3:53

160: Greg Hall (E) p. Trevor Jones (Br) 4:21

171: Garrett Hunsberger (E) p. Michael Lewash, :36

189: Col Hunsberger (E) p. Kevin Fletcher, :36

215: Stephen Coble (E) p. William Lewis, :18

275: Bryan Lee (BW) p. Seth Barnett, 1:06