Teen hopes to turn life around after break-in

Published 9:24 pm Monday, January 10, 2011

A Buchanan man is hoping to get back on the right track, he said, when sentenced for breaking and entering in a building with intent.

Aaron Ketchum, 17, of Buchanan was charged Nov. 23 and convicted of attempted larceny in a building, a part of two separate episodes and groups who had committed similar crimes.

“I’m very sorry for taking what didn’t belong to me,” Ketchum said in a statement he’d written to his victims and read aloud in court.

He said he was trying to better himself by getting back on track at school and staying away from bad influences.

“You made a poor choice,” Berrien County Court Judge Scott Schofield said Monday. “A number of them.”

Even so, the judge said he would give Ketchum an opportunity to complete 30 months of probation which, should it be completed successfully, would result in the felony charge not appearing on his record.

He was ordered to spend the next 90 days on tether and to complete his high school education.

“No unexcused absences; no tardies,” Schofield said.

Ketchum was also ordered to pay restitution, fines and fees of $1,820.