Sun Bowl winner receives new trophy

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, December 28, 2010

EL PASO, Texas  — The Sun Bowl Association unveiled a new championship trophy on Tuesday for the 77th annual Hyundai Sun Bowl between the University of Notre Dame and the University of Miami.

“We are really excited to take our championship trophy to a new level,” said Bernie Olivas, executive Director of the SBA. “Our old trophy served as our centerpiece for the game for 31 years. What we tried to do is modernize it to make it a showpiece for our game and our city.”

The new edition of the Hyundai Sun Bowl Championship Trophy was redesigned by R.S. Owens Company of Chicago, Ill. R.S. Owens also manufactures the AT&T Cotton Bowl Trophy, the Allstate Sugar Bowl Trophy, the Oscar and the Emmy to just name a few. R.S. Owens has been producing the Sun Bowl Championship Trophy since 1979.

“This really is a special year for the Association,” said Amen F. Ayoub, SBA president. “It seems fitting to have two old rivals battle for this new distinct piece of hardware for their trophy case.”

The bronze casting of the Sun Bowl Stadium has been replaced with silver-washed replica of the stadium that was originally designed by Henry Martinez and Richard Pearson in 1979. In fact, the entire trophy has been retooled to feature a sleek silver design.

Two versions of the trophy have been created. The first one will be presented to the winning team and the second one will be on display at the El Paso International Airport, featuring the scores of every Sun Bowl contest.

The new look will also be featured on the Bank of the West Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational collegiate basketball tournament.

This marks the fourth change in trophies for the champion of the Sun Bowl. From 1937 to 1961, the champion of the Sun Bowl was awarded a traveling trophy that each team would keep on campus until December of next year. It was replaced in 1962 for a four-foot tall, four-post trophy with a gold bowl on top. In 1979, the trophy was changed to reflect the picturesque setting of the mountains that encase Sun Bowl Stadium.