State urges caution, propane safety

Published 4:24 pm Sunday, December 26, 2010

LANSING — Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm Dec. 22 encouraged Michigan citizens to visit a new page on the State of Michigan Web site to review the safety and installation requirements for propane gas systems.

Many Michigan residents rely on propane gas for heat during winter months, increasing the risk posed by improperly installed propane gas systems.

“Too many Michigan families have suffered needless property damage, injury and in some instances, tragic loss of life, because of faulty propane systems,” Granholm said.

“I urge citizens to visit a new state Web page to learn how they can keep themselves and their families safe this winter.”

The new Web page was unveiled Wednesday by the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG).

The new site, at,1607,7-154-10575-248450–,00.html, will help consumers find the information they need to insure that their propane gas systems are properly installed and maintained.

The Web page also provides important consumer information including licensing, permitting, inspections and equipment compatibility.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also known as propane, is used to fuel homes, especially in rural areas.

Michigan uses more propane in its residential sector than any other state, and use is on the rise as more homes are built in rural areas where alternative fuel sources may not be available.

Improperly installed propane gas systems can result in propane gas leaks or other hazardous conditions that pose a threat to public health, safety and welfare and may result in property damage and death.

In accordance with the Stille-DeRossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act, 1972 PA 230, MCL 125.1501, whenever an alteration, installation or replacement of a piping system is performed, a permit, inspection and approval are required to assure compliance with the Michigan Residential Code.

A permit must be secured by a Michigan mechanical contractor who holds a valid license with the appropriate licensing classification, or a homeowner who owns and occupies or is about to occupy their own home.

To determine if an individual holds the appropriate license, citizens can contact the Bureau of Construction Codes, Mechanical Division, at (517) 241-9325.