Author’s growing in popularity

Published 12:36 am Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheri Hallwood

Cheri Hallwood may not be a household name, but the Niles children’s author is famous in the eyes of many young readers across the country.

For the second straight year, Hallwood participated in an educational videoconference for the Michigan ASK (Author, Specialist, Knowledge) program.

First and second grade students from classrooms in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Michigan were able to ask Hallwood about her book, “Winter’s First Snowflake” and the writing process.

The question she found the most surprising?

“When did you become famous?”

Hallwood laughed when she heard the question.

But it’s clear that her popularity as a children’s author is growing. Each of her three illustrated children’s books have won honors from the Mom’s Choice Awards.

Hallwood, who began Forever Young Publishers in 2006, also completed a six-week book signing tour this fall and will be the featured speaker for the Children’s Literature Project at Miller College in Battle Creek in May.

Hallwood, who says she gets the inspiration for her writing from her grandchildren, enjoys talking with young readers for more ideas.

“It’s just fascinating all the wonderful questions they ask,” she said.

“Winter’s First Snowflake,” her first published book, is written in lyrical rhyme and tells the story of a snowflake’s journey from the sky to the earth.

She published “The Curious Polka-Dot Present” in 2007 and “One Wish for Winifred Witch” this year.

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