Niles man found guilty of smearing dog feces in girlfriend’s face

Published 10:31 pm Thursday, December 9, 2010

CASSOPOLIS — A Niles man who invited his longtime girlfriend out for a day of boating — and ultimately smeared dog feces on her face — met justice in a Cass County courtroom Wednesday.

Trial testimony indicated that events of the day were part of the defendant’s process of breaking up with the victim because she was no longer good enough for him.

After hearing this evidence and other testimony, a four-man, two-woman jury found the 44-year-old man, of Yankee Street, guilty of domestic violence for his unlawful and spiteful actions on June 28.

Testimony elicited from the victim by Samantha Winter, Cass County Prosecutor’s Office, revealed that the defendant invited his girlfriend of two years to his parents’ Barron Lake home for an afternoon on the water.

When she arrived it was clear the defendant had been drinking.

As the day progressed, he continued to imbibe.

At one point he took the victim out on his boat, where he initiated disparaging comments toward the victim and lewd comments about other women on the lake.

In particular, the victim indicated he repeatedly belittled her and made comments about other women.

At the end of the afternoon the defendant and the victim found themselves at the defendant’s Howard Township home.

By this time the defendant was intoxicated and increasingly belligerent.

The suspect’s name has not been printed to protect the identity of the victim.