The best endorsement

Published 3:23 am Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear editor:

It was a foregone conclusion that the Herald Palladium would endorse my opponent, John Proos, as it did on Sunday, Oct. 24. I was described as “the ultimate outsider,” which I consider high praise indeed, given the source.
Proos was portrayed as a “polished insider,” and I must say I could not agree more. I doubt if anyone could more aptly and succinctly summarize what this race is about. It was “polished insiders” on Wall Street who brought our economy to its knees, leaving millions out of work and walking away richer than ever. It is “polished insiders” who are sacrificing Michigan’s capital, natural and human resources at the altar of their own greed. And it is “polished insiders” who are trying to buy this election with all too willing candidates like John Proos, Fred Upton and Al Pscholka in their pockets.
Thank you, Herald Palladium, for the best endorsement I could possibly have hoped for.

Scott Elliott
Democratic candidate for state Senate, 21st District