Record-setting performance

Published 9:21 pm Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brandywine's Katelyn Delgos leads a pack at the Brandywine Invitational on Saturday. (Daily Star Photo/AMELIO RODRIGUEZ)

Brandywine's Katelyn Delgos leads a pack at the Brandywine Invitational on Saturday. (Daily Star Photo/AMELIO RODRIGUEZ)

Brandywine High School hosted its annual cross country invitational on Saturday, and for the first time in several years, “the swamp” was all dried up.

Teams from all over the southern part of the state converge every year to run the course that is known for its swampy wooded area, but with the lack of rain this year, the course proved to be a little drier and faster than normal.

Sophomore Erin Finn from West Bloomfield showed just how fast the course was as she blistered the competition by just over four minutes. That’s right, four minutes. She finished in a time of 17:48.4, which shattered the course record by a full minute (Nicole Bush of Wyoming Kelloggsville 18:49.5 in 2003).

Second place went to Sydnee Hubbard of Concord with a time of 21:52.0, while Finn’s teammate Julia Griessmann finished off the top three at 22:08.3.

Finn’s time would have placed her third if she had competed with the boys.

Brandywine’s top girls were Angelika Anderson (15th 24:39.4), Katelyn Delgos (16th 24:52.4) and Carlie Newman (18th 24:53.2).

On the boys’ side, Concord’s Spencer Nousain (16:56.7) paced the way by nearly 45 seconds, which could have been more if he had not stopped to ask for directions. West Bloomfield rounded out the top three as Bjorn Kempf (17:39.8) and Ben Griessmann (17:53.6) finished second and third respectively.

Brandywine’s top boys were Michael Robbins (12th 18:54.9), Elliot Richards (14th 19:05.1) and Colin Mattiford (17th 19:09.2).

Brandywine Invitational

Boys’ results

Team scores

West Bloomfield 35; Concord 49’ Grand Rapids Track Club    92;

Brandywine 121; Bronson 121; Constantine 138; New Buffalo 173; Marcellus 187; River Valley DNF; Granger Christian DNF

Top 15

1. Spencer Nousain (CONC) 16:56.7; 2. Bjorn Kempf (WB) 17:39.8; 3. Ben Griessman (WB) 17:53.6; 4. Caleb McGuire (BRO) 17:56.8; 5. Wesley Keller (CONS) 18:01.8; 6. Mike Theoret (GRTC) 18:04.2; 7. Brandon Burton (WB) 18:20.4; 8. Connor Wujcik (WB) 18:20.4; 9. Ian Miller (CONC) 18:33.8; 10. Sam Comden (CONC) 18:45.3; 11. Parker Saenz (CONC) 18:52.4; 12. Michael Robbins (BW) 18:54.9; 13. Matt Crosby (BRON) 19:03.1; 14. Elliott Richards (BW) 19:05.1; 15. Luke Bersche (WB) 19:07.5

Brandywine Results

Michael Robbins 18:54.9         

Elliott Richards 19:05.1

Colin Mattiford 19:09.2           

James Pierce 21:05.0   

Charles Kuemin 22:07.6

Evan Zacharski 24:54.0

Arsalan Rehman 26:08.6

Girls’ results

Concord 30, West Bloomfield 40, Bronson 88, Brandywine 97, Constantine 104, New Buffalo DNF, River Valley DNR

Top 15

1. Erin Finn (WB) 17:48.4; 2. Sydnee Hubbard (CONC) 21:52.0; Julia Griessman (WB) 22:08.3; 4. Jessica Saldana (CONC) 22:19.0; 5. Megan Eiswerth (WB) 22:42.2; 6. Mariah Roberts (BRON) 22:49.0; 7. Rachel Clark (CONC) 22:53.4; 8. Shayla Neelis (CONC) 22:59.1; 9. Kelsey Brigham (CONC) 23:16.2; 10. Alley Comden (CONC) 23:33.9; 11. Sarah Payne (CONC) 23:54.2; 12. Tana Shimp (BRON) 24:26.8; 13. Zoe Kaufman (WB) 24:35.4; 14. Chelsie Lang (NB) 24:38.0; 15. Angelika Anderson (BW) 24:39.4

Brandywine results

Angelika Anderson 24:39.4

Katelynn Delgos 24:52.4

Carlie Newman 24:53.2

Kelci Lockwood 26:42.0

Alli Zacharski 28:04.4

Jes Jorgenson 31:05.9

Megan Coleman 36:48.8