Proos: ‘a genuine passion’ for improving community

Published 9:56 pm Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear editor:

I strongly urge support for John Proos to be southwest Michigan’s next state senator. As a state representative, John has continually shown a genuine passion for improving our community and ensuring that the people of southwest Michigan have opportunities to enrich their lives.

As a former school administrator, I am well aware of the impact that a quality education can have on a person’s future. This is why I have been so pleased to speak to John and learn about his ideas to get more state funding into the classrooms where it belongs. John has proven to be a friend to quality education.

Additionally, John understands how important a higher education is to getting our state’s economy back to where it needs to be. His plan to grant tuition reimbursement tax credits to Michigan graduates will help to make a college education more affordable for families in our state. It will also help produce the educated workforce that is crucial for a job market that is continually growing more sophisticated.

I have full confidence in John, and his ability to be a state senator for southwest Michigan families and job providers. We need his legislative experience to continue to work for us in Lansing.  I ask you to join me and my family on Nov. 2 in supporting John Proos for state senate.

Gary R. Campbell