Vote Cooney into Congress

Published 3:46 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear editor:

I write this letter with regard to Don Cooney.

Cooney, who is presently a city commissioner of the progressive city of Kalamazoo, is an impacting ethical leader. Cooney is also an associate professor in the nationally accredited School of Social Work program at Western Michigan University.

Continuously, Cooney demonstrates leadership skills, not just locally but internationally as well. Likewise, Cooney has outstanding skills in relating to people too.

Obviously, Cooney is a very hard worker and a person with high principles and honestly reliable. In fact, Dr. Don Cooney is a person of superior intellectual ability, great compassion and high veracity. Just the person west Michigan needs in office.

It time for change in southwest Michigan and Dowagiac in particular, which has been hard hit by job losses. Vote for change. Vote for progress. Vote for Cooney for Congress.

Christopher Hodshire

Dowagiac native

Instructor of Social Work, Western Michigan University