Ringler represents our interests

Published 3:47 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear editor:

John LaMore was elected county commissioner to represent the 12th District in Berrien County. This district includes Niles City and Niles Charter Township. Both governmental units voted against buying about 50 acres in north county to build a county campus 20 years in the future. The cost was $756,000.

The county does not have the money to take care of its roads. Does it have $750,000 to buy this land for use 20 years in the future?

Mr. LaMore was elected to represent the best interests of the 12th District. The ruling bodies of the city and township voted against that purchase. Mr. LaMore took an oath of obligation to represent his district.

John did not take his oath of office serious enough to vote no at that meeting. Was he afraid?

Once again north county commissioners prevailed and LaMore apparently promised not to oppose them. He did not show up for the vote. That way he can say politically he did not vote for it.

The point is, he was afraid to fulfill his oath of office obligation and remained loyal to north county and not his constituents.

We need a commissioner who is not afraid to represent our best interests, and it’s not John LaMore.

Vote for Michael Ringler.

Glen Edquist