Proos is the wise choice

Published 4:49 am Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear editor:

Elections come and go in this country. Every few years we are given the opportunity to choose who will represent us in our legislature, in our Congress, for governor or for president. In a few weeks we will be given this opportunity again. We should give great thought as to who will represent us. Let us choose wisely.

Let us choose people of integrity, those who have not just the desire for the office to which they aspire, but the knowledge and leadership abilities that these times so sorely require. Leadership ability is essential in these times that cause us to know exactly what Thomas Paine meant when he said: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

John Proos is such a man. He is a man who can lead us to better economic times. He is conservative with our money and even returns to the state the funds allocated to his office that he does not use. He is a man of honor, a man who listens and responds to his constituents, who has the knowledge and depth of character to be an outstanding leader in and through these tough times.

Let us choose wisely. Let us choose John Proos for state senator on Nov. 2.

Sandra Stapulionis