Remembering John LaMore

Published 11:37 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear editor:

Mr. John LaMore was elected as a Berrien County commissioner representing the 12th District. Within that district is Niles City and Niles Charter Township. They both voted in opposition to the Berrien County commissioners spending $759,000 to purchase about 50 acres of land to develop a county campus 20 years in the future. Its location is not centrally located, and once again South County is ignored.

John LaMore could not find the time to attend the meeting on the above purchase and exercise his vote on behalf of Niles City and Township, objecting to it.

I’m sure he had to taken some oath of office at his previous election, which had to include representing the 12th District. Mr. LaMore did not vote the wishes of Niles City nor Niles Charter Township. You can’t vote if you do not attend such an important meeting.

In my view it’s apparent Mr. LaMore felt it’s more important to be subservient to the wishes of the North County commissioners than represent the wishes of Niles City and Niles Charter Township.

John’s responsibilities to the 12th District are being ignored. John should re-read the oath he took — but then maybe it could be too late.

P.S. Taking that 50 acres off the tax rolls, starting in 2011, John’s not voting raises our taxes. Thanks, Mr. LaMore!

Glen Edquist