Dr. Fraser remembered with kind thoughts

Published 6:53 am Friday, August 21, 2009

To the editor:

With the recent demise of Doctor Kenneth Fraser, D.V.M., Niles has indeed suffered a tremendous loss. His deep love, compassion and affection for animals was so tremendously sincere and devoted that it earned him the affection and respect of the people within the community. So committed was he to his obligation that I have known him to treat “strays” from the community (without retribution) as well as the family pets from those who patronized his veterinarian practice. He felt a very deep loyalty to animals and his efforts knew no boundary; for his love of all four-legged creatures was endless.

I have often heard it said that Dr. Fraser and Dr. Bonine were kind of kindred spirits … in the respect that neither would turn a patient away for lack of monetary reimbursement.
Their mission on earth is now completed and may they both rest in everlasting peace.

May God truly bless you gentlemen and keep you forever in His infinite care, for you
have more than earned your rightful places in His kingdom.

Lou Liebetrau and family