Seven inches douses Shavehead Lake

Published 9:07 am Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Monday, Aug. 17, areas in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana experienced another heavy rain event that dumped considerable amounts of rain in Cass County.

A lot of Cass County received one to two inches of rain in a two-hour period, but some areas in the county received considerably more.

It was reported that in Cassopolis at Community Mills the rain gauge read more than four inches.

Reports around Union and Edwardsburg were from four to five inches.

Cass County Water Resources Commissioner Bruce Campbell reported Wednesday, “I heard from a number of residents on Shavehead Lake in Porter Township that their rain gauges registered seven inches of rain water.”

Campbell urges boaters to use good judgment until waters return to normal levels.
Water levels on most of the county lakes are very high and wakes can cause damage to seawalls, lawns, piers, boats, docks and, in some cases, even homes.

Cass County has 20 lakes that have a legally established lake level, and on the majority of those lakes the level exceeds those set elevations.