Brentwood launches home visits

Published 10:37 am Monday, August 10, 2009

Brentwood Assisted Living, an Emeritus Senior Living community announced has launched a home visits program, You Don’t Have to Live with Us for Us to Help –  part of Emeritus Senior Living’s Safely Somewhere program. They are committed to making sure that every senior in our area in need finds the combination of programs and services that serves them best, even if they do not live at Brentwood at Niles.

“At Brentwood at Niles, we recognize that some of our area seniors may want to live at home as long as they can. We also know that these seniors may face a variety of challenges living at home, and may need assistance identifying all of their support service options. This is why Brentwood at Niles is pleased to offer our team of dedicated health care professionals to serve these seniors and their families as a complimentary service,” said Jill VanDeWalle-Hoffman, community relations director at Brentwood at Niles.

“We realize that there are many seniors in our area going without the vital health, social and supportive services they need to maintain their quality of life at home. Our Home Visits program helps these seniors cope with their challenges and provides a host of resources to help them stay healthy and connected to the community.”

A few of the services that Brentwood at Niles will be offering to our local seniors will consist of:
• Nurse Evaluation to help identify care needs.

• System check to identify potential challenges based upon gaps in needed assistance.

• Referrals to other area providers as needed based upon needs uncovered.

• Post visit follow up coordination with families and referral sources after home visit.

• Access to Emeritus resources such as family lending library and senior safety tips.

• A listening ear and enjoyable visit.

If you know of a senior that could benefit from one of these home visit services, contact Brentwood at Niles today at 684-9470.