Jo-Ann Boepple: ‘Newbies’ offer top 10 reasons for living in Edwardsburg

Published 3:11 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Each year Edwardsburg High school graduates over 100 students and where do these students go after graduation?   Many go off to college, some find jobs, but not in Edwardsburg. Some get married and many move away just to get away.

What is there to attract young people to Edwardsburg?   There seems to be nothing. There is very little social life, no jobs and housing is difficult to find. Many do live with their parents for a time and then move on.

But with all of the housing developments that have sprung up in the area, someone is moving into Edwardsburg. Why and who are they?

This is an unscientific survey and best described in a little different way. At a recent meeting I attended with “newbies,” those who have lived here for 10 years or less, the discussion came around to why do you live in Edwardsburg? There were a variety of reasons. So I decided we needed a top 10 list of reasons for living in Edwardsburg. So here goes.

No. 10 It is close to Notre Dame (for ND fans) Just kidding!

No. 9 It is convenient to everything from Chicago to Detroit

No. 8 Housing is fairly reasonable

No. 7 The neighbors are friendly.

No. 6 The climate is nice for some people.

No. 5 A great sports complex is coming

No. 4 It is very safe, secure and quiet.

No. 3 It has an abundance of beautiful lakes

No. 2 The schools are top rated.

No. 1 It’s easy to get to work, no traffic hassles and very few stop lights.
The trend seems to be that many are moving back to this area after living in other places. Maybe it takes maturity to appreciate Edwardsburg.

Why do I live in Edwardsburg? Even though born in a city, I am a small town woman and this is the town of my parents, grandparents, my husband’s parents and his grandparents. My children have all grown up here as well as my grandchildren and two of my children still live here. This is my hometown.

I love it for all of the top 10 reasons. I love going to the grocery store or a local restaurant, seeing and talking with people I know. I love looking out my windows and seeing the rainbow colors of the flowers, the green grass, stately trees and all of the birds who give me a wake up call every morning.

These are my reasons for being here. Maybe you have a top 10 list or would like to add to my list. Let me know. (269) 663-8408 or

Jo-Ann Boepple provides Reflections of the Past, a weekly feature from the Edwardsburg Museum Group and Historical Collection. She is a third generation Edwardsburg resident.