Wolford building in industrial park

Published 7:16 am Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dowagiac Daily News

Dowagiac Planning Commission unconditionally recommended approval Monday night of a site plan presented by electrical contractor Donald R. Wolford to construct a new office/warehouse building on Lot 4 in the industrial park.

Wolford currently operates from his home on Nubour Street.

This will be a single-story, wood-framed, structure containing 7,200 square feet – 60 feet by 120 feet.

Before moving for approval, City Councilman Leon Laylin asked how many people will be employed.

“Right now it’s just my brother and I,” Wolford responded. “I have a master’s license, a journeyman’s license and a builder’s license also. I’m setting it up for potential future expansion. Right now, it’s my brother and I and two other people as I need further assistance.”

His wife, Clarawayne, processes paperwork, “so there will be five most of the time,” Wolford indicated.

City Manager Kevin Anderson noted Wolford Electric will be the first building constructed under revised land use controls that allow for post-frame construction as opposed to steel-frame construction within the industrial park.

This is the first example of a development that will be occurring because of one of the strategic economic development policy revisions City Council made over the last 12 months, Anderson said.

Building Inspector James Bradford reported on a change to the nursing home site plan planners previously approved.

“The canopy they proposed over the ambulance entrance on the east side of the building, they have eliminated that. They eliminated about 500 square feet of building area in front. They’re completely going through the entire building. Everything inside will be brand-new,” Bradford said.
Bradford expects renovation to start in September.

“We’re about another week out from the construction plan review being done,” Bradford added.

Present were Mayor Don Lyons, Chairman Robert Frontczak, Vice Chairman Dale Hutchings, Dave Daniels, Councilman Laylin, First Ward Councilman Darron Murray and Guy Piper. Edward Booth was absent.

There is a vacancy on the panel because Larry Bennett stepped down when his term expired. Bennett participated in planners’ last meeting April 6.