35th Annual Steve’s Run team winners announced

Published 7:15 am Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The team winners for the 10K run, 5K run and 5K walk have been announced.
Here are those winners by division:

Steve’s Run
Team Results

1st – Adam and Crystal Kelm from Allegan, MI   46:31
2nd – Rob and Erin Augustine from Kalamazoo, MI   55:12

1st – Ben and Bruce Watson from Grand Rapids, MI   40:35

1st – Amanda Pierce and Carter Goodson from Union, MI   56:15
2nd – Amy and Mike Dowe from South Bend, IN   1:09:08

1st – Dave Mahar and Megan Nate from Dowagiac, MI   50:32

5K Run

1st – Matt and Winford Jones from LaGrange, IN   19:08
2nd – Zachary and Craig Benes from Chicago, IL   22:24
3rd – Evan and Ken Jordan from Pawa Paw, MI   25:03
4th – Sean and Tom Vogler from Greenwood, IN   26:50

1st – Drayton and Melissa Blankenbaker from Granger, IN   22:22
2nd – Billy and Nancy Leonard from Dowagiac, MI 27:57

1st – Brian and Kristina Olsen from Jackson, MI   18:18
2nd – Philip and Ellie Best from Kalamazoo, MI  30:14

Running Club
1st – Class of 1989 from Dowagiac, MI   25:38

5K Walk

1st – Michael Shields and Brianne DeHart from Dowagiac, MI   42:05

1st – Gladys Smith and Valerie Warner from Dowagiac, MI  42:14
2nd – Brooke Warner and Valerie Warner from Dowagiac, MI  43:22
3rd – Rachel and Lynda Best from Kalamazoo, MI   47:55
4th – Debbie Daus and Betty Tomczak from Dowagiac, MI   59:50