Be a part of the rebirth of Edwardsburg

Published 10:47 am Thursday, July 9, 2009

A few weeks back you may remember that I made some off the wall suggestions about Edwardsburg reinventing itself. A rebirth of a little village that is continually changing.

The little farming community has disappeared. And many of my suggestions may have been extreme such as changing the name of the Village, but hopefully you took them as tongue in cheek or not.

But now the reality is that something does need to be done. Just as those who came here nearly one hundre and seventy-five years ago made decisions that effected all of our lives today, we too must begin to make decisions that will effect the lives of the future populations. Time for a rebirth.

A committee is being formed, directed by the Village of Edwardsburg to develop a strategic plan for Edwardsburg. Many of you may be wondering what is a strategic plan? What are long range and short range goals?

Here is the definition of a strategic plan. It is a blueprint for action, a mechanism enabling an organization to look at itself and adjust in a proactive manner, and a written document specifying courses of action. Strategic planning is a concentration of the organizations resources on mutually determined measurable outcomes.

I knew this sounds like a lot of legal jargon but let’s clarify it, put it in understandable terms.

A strategic plan outlines the beliefs that the Village holds for its residents, the mission it wishes to accomplish, internal analysis, goals and objectives for each department and strategies for accomplishing these goals. It is a blueprint for the future.

It encompasses three characteristics, wants, needs and desires. Hopefully in the next few months the committee can develop a plan for the Village of Edwardsburg that gives it direction to perform the responsibilities to its residents in a timely, appropriate and fiscally responsible manner.

These plans are not etched in stone or poured into concrete. They are a working guideline for government to proceed in a responsible competent way to accomplish what is best for the community.

If you are interested in being a part of this process contact me at or at (269) 663-8408. It takes a Community to build a Village.

Jo-Ann Boepple provides Reflections of the Past, a weekly feature from the Edwardsburg Museum Group and Historical Collection. She is a third generation Edwardsburg resident.