Memorial Day a work of many

Published 11:23 am Friday, June 12, 2009

To the editor:

Every year after the Memorial Day parade, I pause for a moment and wish I had put a little note in the Daily Star “thanking everybody” for the great turn out.

I think this year’s parade was exceptionally good and since I have received so many calls on it, I decided to go ahead and put in a note. A special “Thanks” to County Commissioner Johnie Rodebush, State Representative Sharon Tyler, and the Rev. Fred Smith for the good jobs they all did with our services. And to the Niles High School Marching Band for the music at the cemetery. We should also thank all our area police agencies for all the extra work that a parade brings with it.

A parade is more than one or two people getting together and deciding this is what they would like to do. Especially this parade is a combination of veterans’ wives, mothers, kids and grandparents who have had or do have sons, daughters or loved ones serving in all our armed forces. This is our day for them … let’s not forget how important this day is.

Thanks again for all of you who participated in this parade and to all of you who also came out to watch and made that trip to the cemetery with us. I realize that laying a wreath on the veteran’s grave may not be the most important thing to some people, but it was important enough for that soldier to give up his or her life for this country. May God bless our country. And may God bless each and every one of our men and women who are still serving and protecting our country.

Thank you all again.

Harry Roberts

Andy Roberts

American Legion Post 26