We can learn new things every day

Published 7:23 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2007

By Staff
These past few weeks, as always, I learned a few new things.
No matter how old your children are you will continue to worry about their safety.
When the bridge collapsed in Minnesota I couldn't help but think of my son and his family who lived quite close to the tragedy.
Even though my brain told me the odds of his being on that bridge at the specific time were very slim, I still had some moments of panic.
Actually, as I suspected they and all of their friends and family had escaped being part of that disaster.
He did though, in his work, drive across it quite often.
Thankfully he will still celebrate his 34th birthday Saturday and his wife, who suffered a stroke a few years ago, is a three-year survivor.
Just a few weeks before the bridge incident, I had talked to my number three son, who turned 31 Wednesday, and he told me of an exciting trip he was taking with his job to the Amazon.
It sounded wonderful. Then awhile after he told me about traveling to Brazil and the rainforest, there was that terrible plane crash.
Again that feeling of dread, but I was pretty sure he wasn't on that plane, though I didn't know the exact dates of his trip.
You never stop worrying.
I was misinformed in one of my past columns, a faithful reader pointed out recently when I wrote about Niles history.
"The French did not fight against the Americans. They occupied the middle of this country and did encourage the Indians to fight the English who constantly tried to move into new France. In fact, during the American Revolution, France fought on the American side."
Sorry for my ignorance.
So now they say your friends make you fat.
I have a couple of friends who smoke, but I don't. I wonder if I encourage them to eat donuts when they shouldn't.
If we don't exercise, we will gain 10 pounds a year just eating the way we always do. I think it has to do with aging.
True a hot fudge sundae tastes better with a friend, but I don't think that is why people who are heavier might become friends.
There is a lot of intolerance in this world to those who are heavy. I believe part of my weight problems today are due to the fact I was always dieting in between pregnancies and afterward to try and return to a smaller size.
I could eat 50 calories a day and still gain. Okay, maybe that isn't true, but it seems like it.
All that yo-yo dieting has made my body afraid it will be starved again.
This past weekend I finally found a way to lose five pounds.
I call it the Marcia spa bathroom diet. I was sicker than a dog, hardly leaving the bathroom throne.
My only hope is that those five pounds won't sneak up and find me.
What else did I learn lately? Cass County Fair week is always going to be hotter than hot.
I needed to take my own editorial advice and drink lots of water and I should wear a hat when I am in the sun. Thanks Tim Swenor for the water – you saved me.