Bowl games a great time for ardent sports fans

Published 4:27 am Friday, December 29, 2006

By Staff
It's a great time to be a college football fan.
The next week and a half will provide plenty of gridiron action for both the casual and rabid sports fan.
There will be some great games and some not so great games.
There are probably too many bowl games, but one thing that is good about having 32 games is that you get a chance to see teams on national television you may not get to otherwise.
Bowl games also create some interesting match-ups between teams and conferences. The bowl games give us an opportunity to see great players from the smaller schools on a grand stage.
A perfect case in point when it comes to interesting match-ups was Wednesday night's Emerald Bowl with pitted Florida State and UCLA. Before their meeting in San Francisco, the Seminoles and Bruins had never faced each other.
It is hard to believe that two storied football teams like Florida State and UCLA have never played. But, that in a nutshell is a perfect reason to have bowl games.
Rutgers is a team that played its way into the national spotlight this season. But, if it weren't for an overabundance of bowl games, we probably would have only seen the Scarlet Knights on national television once.
But we will get a chance to see them again on Thursday night. We also got a chance to see their outstanding running back, sophomore Ray Rice.
For the football junkie, the 32-game bowl season is just a feeding frenzy. It's a chance to get caught up on those teams we only read about in the agate section of our sports pages.
For the casual fan, it is a chance to see some great cross-country match-ups. Games like Michigan and USC in the Rose Bowl on News Year's Day. Or, Notre Dame and LSU in the Sugar Bowl.
So, let the feeding frenzy continue through the new year.