Three injured in bus, car collision

Published 2:02 am Friday, December 15, 2006

By BY MARCIA STEFFENS / Niles Daily Star
EDWARDSBURG – Veteran Edwardsburg bus driver Sue Johnson saved the day, according to some eye witnesses to a bus-car accident at M-62 and Redfield Road Thursday afternoon.
After her bus was hit by a car in the front and spun around, she was able to keep the vehicle under control and prevented it from tipping.
Worrying more about her passengers, who ranged from kindergartners to fifth graders, she saw to their needs before allowing paramedics to treat her own leg injury.
"I had only dropped off six," Johnson said, when the accident happened. There were approximately 50 students still on the bus, who were picked up then by their parents.
"She did a heck of a job," said Edwardsburg superintendent of schools Sherman Ostrander. "You think the worse," he said, on coming up to the accident site.
"She worried about her kids first," he added. The bus was one of the district's new ones, he said, which was good for safety reasons.
The bus ended up in front of Krupp's Power Sports. One employee saw the bus and first thought it was going to go through the front window.
Two students received minor injuries. Johnson also went to the hospital to have her leg examined and have mandatory tests performed.