There is no better feeling than knowing your helping

Published 3:22 pm Tuesday, June 6, 2006

By Staff
There's nothing better than knowing you're helping.
Now, more then ever, cancer is becoming a common disease, effecting thousands of people nationwide everyday. With the breakthroughs of today's technology, many new treatments and aids for cancer are being made and with the increasing amount of technology, one can only hope this process will advance. This is why cancer research is so important. You can help aid in this process, by starting or donating to cancer fundraisers.
There are a number of different area business and organizations that hold annual events to help raise money for cancer services and patients.
Milano's just recently held its fifth annual Milano's Golf Outing and raised $15,000. Golf outings like this are held throughout the spring, summer and fall months and have proved to have a big impact.
One of the biggest events to come to this area is Relay For Life. You couldn't ask for a better way to raise money for such a horrible illness. People come from miles away to participate in the 24-hour event, which is held at the football and track fields at Niles High School.
There are literally thousands of cancer fundraisers taking place in the United States alone, and millions of dollars raised every year. All of these fundraisers, from walks, charity concerts, donations, seminars and more, are fully dedicated to finding an eventual cure for this widespread and deadly disease. All of these fundraising opportunities are of great benefit to all the cancer researchers and cancer patients around the world. Every dollar raised in these fundraisers is a dollar spent to further the research - and the cure - of cancer. So even if you can't be a large sponsor, even a dollar will greatly benefit the cancer community.
To find a cancer fundraiser right for you, and close to home, check with local community listings, hospitals and always check with the Niles Daily Star, where fundraising events can always be found.