Sports Fest right around the corner

Published 3:07 pm Saturday, June 3, 2006

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - A total of 24 athletes from Niles, Brandywine and Buchanan High Schools will be competing in this year's Sports Fest.
On June 18, opening ceremonies will be held at Coveleski Stadium.
Games begin on June 19 and will be held at Bethel College. Football will be played at Marian High School.
Football is making its first appearance in Sports Fest this year.
Edwardsburg head coach Kevin Bartz will be coaching the Michigan team, which is made up of 30 players from various high schools around southwest lower Michigan.
Lyle Watson and Nick Etzcorn, both from Niles, will join the squad as well as Buchanan's Jon Dickey, Dowagiac's Brandon Simmons, Cassopolis' E.J. Harris and Edwardsburg's David Daniels, Joe Dubash and Curtis Kniffin. Berrien Springs' Shelby Wood and Scott Snyder will also participate.
Michigan's first game is June 24 at 5 p.m. against Indiana East.
In girls basketball, Niles' Brandie Radde and Sarah Dreher and Cassopolis' Kelsey Gordon are among 13 other area athletes to compete on the Michigan squad, which will be coached by Benton Harbor's Lou Harvey.
Buchanan's Hayley Cashier and Dowagiac's Katy Stuppy were also named to the team, but are underclassmen and are unable to participate.
Michigan's first semifinal game is set for June 20 at 6 p.m. against Indiana East.
Cassopolis basketball coach Josh Hood will coach the Michigan boys basketball team, which features Etzcorn, Buchanan's Jeff Kyles, Cassopolis' Neal Bullocks and Berrien Springs' Wood and Jeremy Cummings.
Niles sophomore Brandon Thomas was also named to the team as well as Berrien Springs' Matt Demler, but both are underclassmen.
The first game for the boys basketball team is June 21 at 6 p.m. against Indiana East.
The boys soccer team will feature nine are athletes and is being coached by River Valley's Shawn Beach.
Niles' Colin Smith and Jerred Rockafellow will be joined by Brandywine's Kyle Berry and Matt Wieger, Buchanan's Andrew Gordon and Dowagiac's Aaron Wilson, Brian Edgerly, Freddy Soto and Pat Brosnan.
Michigan's first game is at 6 p.m. on June 20 against Indiana East.
Brandywine soccer coach Jim McNamara will lead the Michigan girls soccer team, which includes Brandywine's Kalie Newman.
Niles' Claire Molnar, Danie Pulaski and Rebecca Teske, Buchanan's Katrina Weldy and Edwardsburg's Jessica Stevenson will also join the team.
Girls soccer will play its first game at 6 p.m. on June 20 against Indiana East.
On the softball field, Niles' Stephanee Schrader and Lindsay Carey will be joined by Brandywine's Kelli Zache and Rachel Batman, Buchanan's Hayley Burks and Jill Woodrick, Dowagiac's Kim Luthringer, Lindsay Tyler and Mo Pickar and Edwardsburg's Alexa Smith.
Buchanan's Emily Ross and Dowagiac's Holly Lowe were also named, but cannot participate.
The Michigan softball team is being coached by Buchanan's head coach Mike Welsh. First game is June 20 at 5:30 p.m. against Indiana East.
Berrien Springs head coach Curtis Partee will lead the Michigan baseball team, which will take on Indiana East on June 20 at 5:30 p.m.
Joining the team are Brandywine's Matt Wieger, Dowagiac's David Stuppy, Edwardsburg's Brandon Stappleton and Jim Archambault and Berrien Springs' Brandon Hecht, Scott Snyder and Shelby Wood.
Here are complete lists of the Michigan teams:
Coach: Kevin Bartz, Edwardsburg
Brad Smagala, Constantine; Robert Nottoli, Constantine; John Lewis, Three Rivers; Lyle Watson, Niles; Nick Etzcorn, Niles; Dirk Adam, Decatur; Bo Felt, Sturgis; Tyler Hall, Sturgis; Raju Armster, Sturgis; Sean Schemmel, Sturgis; Jon Dickey, Buchanan; E.J. Harris, Cassopolis; Conner Lijewski, New Buffalo; Jareth McMillan, Bridgman; David Daniels, Edwardsburg; Joe Dubash, Edwardsburg; Curtis Kniffin, Edwardsburg; Shelby Wood, Berrien Springs; Scott Snyder, Berrien Springs; Shane Tierney, Lakeshore; John Godush, Lakeshore; Jake Bolin, Lakeshore; Jerry Washington, Benton Harbor; David Dunomes, Benton Harbor; Lavonte Williams, Benton Habor; Justin Thomas, Benton Habor; Brandon Simmons, Dowagiac; Logan Klug, St. Joseph; Paul Kaminski, Lake Michigan Catholic; Greg Akre, Coloma.
Girls soccer
Coach: Jim McNamara,
Alaina Wischmeyer, Bridgman; Anna Schueneman, St. Joseph; Ashley Fox, St. Joseph; Claire Molnar, Niles; Danie Pulaski, Niles; Hannah Rosner, Bridgman; Jamie Huebner, Lakeshore; Jenni Demski, Sturgis; Jessica Stevenson , Edwardsburg; Jody Leonard, Bridgman; Katie Newman, Brandywine; Katrina Weldy, Buchanan; Lindsay Williamson, St. Joseph; Lyndsee Smith, Lakeshore; Mollie McGrath, Lakeshore; Rebecca Teske, Niles
Amanda Dudiak, River Valley; Angie Hauch, River Valley; Jordan Cronin, River Valley; Kali Lauzon, River Valley
Boys soccer
Coach: Shawn Beach, River Valley
Aaron Wilson, Dowagiac; Andrew Gordon, Buchanan; Austin Bock, Lakeshore; Billy Marx, Lakeshore; Brian Edgerly, Dowagiac; Caleb Dryden, River Valley; Chris Wagner, St. Joseph; Colin Smith, Niles; Freddy Soto, Dowagiac; Ian Liess, River Valley; Jason Delbosque, Bridgman; Jerred Rockafellow, Niles; Kyle Perry, Brandywine; Matt Carlson, Bridgman; Matt Wieger, Brandywine; Nick Lafond, St. Joseph; Pat Brosnan, Dowagiac, Peter Merrick, Bridgman, Ryan Berry, St. Joseph, Steven Dahn, St. Joseph
Boys basketball
Coach: Josh Hood, Cassopolis
Jake Olson, St. Joseph; David Clore, St. Joseph; Davino Williams, Benton Harbor; Nick Etzcorn, Niles, Jeff Kyles, Buchanan; Shelby Wood, Berrien Springs; Jeremy Cummings, Berrien Springs; Dan Knude, Bridgman; Neal Bullocks, Cassopolis; Tyler LaVanway, Coloma
Shaine Tierney, Lakeshore, Ryan Ross, Michigan Lutheran; P.J. Patterson, Eau Claire; Brandon Thomas, Niles; Matt Demler, Berrien Springs; Brad Guinane, St. Joseph; Joe Welch, Lakeshore
Girls basketball
Coach: Lou Harvey, Benton Harbor
Brandie Radde, Niles; Erika Scheffler, Michigan Lutheran; Heather Seyfred, Bridgman; Jacquel Rogers, Eau Claire; Kelsey Gordon, Cassopolis; Megan Mejeur, St. Joseph; Monica Gathright, Lakeshore; Morgan Bennett, Michigan Lutheran; Sarah Dreher, Niles; Shante Clark, Benton Harbor; Tashayla Jackson, Benton Harbor
Courtney Webb, Benton Harbor; Hayley Cashier, Buchanan; Katy Stuppy, Dowagiac
Coach: Curtis Partee, Berrien Springs
Bo Felt, Sturgis; Brandon Hecht, Berrien Springs; Brandon Stappleton, Edwardsburg; Brian Adamec, New Buffalo; David Stuppy, Dowagiac; Jeremy Schaeffer, River Valley; Jim Archambault, Edwardsburg; Matt Wieger, Brandywine; Quinn Watkins, River Valley; Scott Snyder, Berrien Springs; Sergio Cantu, Sturgis; Shelby Wood, Berrien Springs; Tim FRakes, Lakeshore
Coach: Mike Welsh, Buchanan
Alexa Smith, Edwardsburg; Amanda Harrington, Lakeshore; Ashley Willis, Dowagiac; Hayley Burks, Buchanan; Jill Woodrick, Buchanan; Kelli Zache, Brandywine; Kim Luthringer, Dowagiac; Kristina Gonzalez, Berrien Springs; Lindsay Carey, Niles; Lindsay Tyler, Dowagiac; Mo Pickar, Dowagiac; Molly Lange, Lakeshore; Monica Gathright, Lakeshore; Rachel Batman, Brandywine; Stephanee Schrader, Niles
Emily Ross, Buchanan; Holly Lowe, Dowagiac