Brandywine junior awarded first place at district art expo

Published 2:51 pm Friday, June 2, 2006

By By ANDY HAMILTON / Niles Daily Star
NILES - As a child, Erin Sinkoff used art to pass the time.
Sinkoff still enjoys creating art as a junior at Brandywine High School. One of the pieces she completed in Rory McLaughlin's art class was recognized recently in Benton Harbor.
The project began as a self-portrait - a head shot of a relaxed and passive looking Sinkoff.
She then took the photo image and traced it onto a grey linoleum block. Starting with white, Sinkoff said she rolled a layer of ink onto the linoleum for each color, leaving the darkest tones for last.
The end result was four ink printed, abstract images of Sinkoff gazing back at the viewer.
The piece was entered at the Berrien County Intermediate School District Art and Science Expo held at the Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor the first weekend of May. And, Sinkoff was awarded the first place ribbon in print making.
Sinkoff said charcoal, pencil, chalk pastel and painting are some of her other favorite mediums. But, print making remains at the top of her list.
Sinkoff's work in the classroom also earned her the right to do some art work around the school for Greg Jones. The principal of Brandywine High School needed students to decorate some large metal bulkheads that cross the ceiling above both entrances to the cafeteria.
One of the bulk heads is already complete. Sinkoff and Kittleson painted the metal beam gold and ‘Bobcats' was stenciled over in maroon.
The students covered the second bulk head in maroon and will apply ‘Brandywine' one side and add the district's mission statement to the other. The message will proudly glare back at the faces of all those who enter the high school entrance near Jones' office.
Jones said the reward for a job well done was pizza. “It's an exchange, a bartering system,” Jones said.
And the reason why both Sinkoff and Kittleson were chosen? “These are two excellent kids,” Jones said.