Field is one of the best

Published 11:41 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

By Staff
The present and future baseball players of Niles should feel very privileged to live in the community they do.
The newly-renovated Niles High School baseball field is one of the best high school facilities in the state of Michigan. Thanks to generous donations from caring people, our children now have the opportunity to compete on a field of their own.
It's nice to see that this community has come together on a project such as this. With all of the tension that has been going on with so many different issues, it's great that we can all agree on one thing - what's best for the children.
This new field will not only give the players a sense of pride, but it will also make other schools look at Niles as being a very lucky school. How many other children have a facility as this one built by such powerful people? How many other people have the chance to shake hands with a champion? And how many other children are given a chance to compete on a field better than most colleges? Not too many.
The landscaping is wonderful, the field is phenomenal, the scoreboard and in-ground dugouts are like something this area has never seen and there is more to come. In the near future, a pressbox, restrooms, concessions and a brick walkway will be added, only making an already impressive field shine even more.
Thank you, too all of the individuals who have helped make this possible. The children of this community have been given a very special gift and are very lucky to live in a community where they are cared for so much. Hopefully, this will not only teach these children some of the most important lessons in life, but will also teach them that the gift of giving is the greatest gift of all.