All township reassessment scheduled

Published 11:43 am Tuesday, May 16, 2006

By By ANDY HAMILTON / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Most of property in Niles Township has not been reassessed since 1962.
Monday night, the township's board of trustees unanimously voted to have all 154 agricultural, 335 commercial and 88 industrial parcels reassessed.
Niles Township hired J.P. Company, PLLC of Leslie, to conduct the work at a cost of $29,880. Ringler said the board did not plan for the reassessment in the budget and would instead pay for the work from fund equity.
Because of Proposal A, the taxable value on the parcels will not increase for current owners but would only rise if the property was sold, Ringler said.
The values of properties that have recently sold or been improved upon, such as commercial lots along South 11th Street, are most likely current, Ringler said. But, Ringler added other properties that have not changed hands or had structures added could be out of date.
The board said they expected the assessment to be completed by the fall.
A burning extension to Thursday, June 15 was also approved by the board. Burning brush in the township was originally supposed to stop by Monday.
The Department of Natural Resources enforced a two-week ban in April because of an extended period of dry weather. That was followed by an excessively windy week and then by the recent streaks of rain.
Also on Monday night, the board approved a request for a class C liquor license for Jason and Jeremy Bayles of Howard Township. The board said the license was for a Freedom Wings, Inc. sports bar that will be located at 2010 S. 11th St. in the Gold Plaza.
Trustee Kevin Tonkin served as supervisor Monday night for William Myers, who was absent.