Job search will be worth the effort

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, May 10, 2006

By Staff
Soon a large population will take to the streets to look for work. No, a major factory or plant isn't closing. I am talking about all the teens who will be off for summer vacation, but need to earn some money either to save for college, or at least pay for their expensive tastes in music and videos.
Have ever looked into their rooms? They sometime look like a video rental shop.
If you are one of these young people wanting to earn some money, or a parent who doesn't want to see a body on the family room couch all day, let me offer some suggestions.
Some of these ideas are not unique to me but come from experience of others and press releases.
Don't discount the old favorite of babysitting.
I know prices must have gone up since I watched four children, one of which was a baby, cleaned the lady's house and only received 50 cents an hour.
Even those with set daycare may need to have someone fill in for when their sitter goes on vacation, or even if they want to take a weekend away.
A different kind of sitter is also in big demand - pet sitting. Many people who go away on vacation don't want to have their beloved pets go through the trauma of having to be boarded.
Having a pet sitter is also an advantage to the homeowner as the mail can be brought in, plants watered and the home looks occupied while they are away.
For the older teen, they could also house sit, giving them a chance to be independent and responsible for more than themselves.
There are many seniors or others who are unable to do certain tasks, such as get up into their attic, trim their hedges or clean out a basement.
The teens could hire themselves out for odd jobs, which require a young body more than experience.
Mowing lawns hasn't gone out of style yet. Flyers are easy to make up and reproduce on home computers listing what jobs they are looking to do with a contact phone number.
The students' math and English skills can be used to tutor younger students, which would keep their own skills sharp. They probably would be able to set their own hours. There is also a great sense of pride in teaching something to someone else.
Maybe some seniors would even appreciate lessons in the use of their own computers. I still haven't mastered my television remote.
If the teens and certain businesses are willing, they might be able to trade time for the use of the facilities, like washing the golf carts at a club in exchange for free play in off times.
For those young people who are interested in a certain profession, they can ask if they could get summer work which would give them a taste of what the future might hold. The experience would be invaluable.
As far as sleeping in until noon and expecting the world to wait on them, that unrealistic lifestyle should be curbed in the bud. No one is going to offer them the world on a silver platter and the sooner this lesson is learned the better.