Gas prices climbing

Published 8:27 am Thursday, April 27, 2006

By Staff
LANSING - As gas prices continue to climb and frustration mounts among consumers and small businesses that are bearing the brunt of escalating gas costs, House legislators are focusing on alternative resolutions aimed at protecting consumers from gas gouging.
State Rep. Neal Nitz Wednesday introduced a House resolution to express support for the 25X'25 grassroots initiative that will allow Michigan farms and forests to take part in providing 25 percent of renewable forms of energy to the total amount of energy consumed in the United States by the year 2025.
The 25X'25 grassroots initiative is spreading nationwide to broaden the spectrum of renewable energy sources to help the nation's energy crisis. Alternative energy sources proposed may include wind, solar, biodiesel, ethanol and biomass, which would help Michigan farmers, forestland owners and the American people.
The 25X'25 partners are seeking congressional support in Washington D.C. to craft a legislative proposal to develop an action plan that will bring this vision to life. Other initiatives approved this week in the House will increase fines for gas stations that are found to have knowingly and intentionally cheated motorists. “No matter what the price, consumers need to know they are being treated fairly,” Nitz said.